About Us
Our Partners
At the outset ours is a international company having main activities in Japan and working under the name and style of NIC Global Ltd. It is located at Aichi Prefecture Nagoya – Japan and our main areas of operations are environmental related issues and we have achieved successful results in Bio diversity.  
It was started in 2006 and the aim of the company is to provide better and effective services in the field of environmental and uplifting of the various cultures of the world under the concept of Global village.

With a view to expand globally we have started our operations in India by incorporating a company Nippon Infrastructure private ltd which will be a holding company for all our activities in India and it has all franchises, permissions, technical permissions on its name from Japan and it will find out the joint venture partners in India in each area of operation in India to furtherance of our objects in India.

Introduction about CEO
The main CEO of the company both in Japan and India is Mr. NIC U. Iqbal. Whose is aged about 33 years and he has his master’s degree in International relations and culture at Nagoya University, Japan . He worked in the foreign affairs of the Japanese government as Coordinator of International Relations (CIR).  Earlier he was appointed as a Administrative Incharge at Embassy of Japna at Bombay consulate and later he was moved to Japan and worked for the Board of Education as a CIR for two states.  He coordinated for Japanese government in international water forum , Asian friendship meet (JAFS) , CIR for COP 10 (2010 international year of bio diversity ) a forum for bio diversity which conducted a International meet on bio diversity at Nagoya Japan in 2010.
He is an international advisor to the Japanese government for technical and international support in the areas of culture and bio diversity.